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What Do I Teach?

English, Math and History are available now for one on one tutoring sessions. You can register for summer sessions and craft sessions for this summer.

English & Writing

Reading comprehension and writing 


Analyzing the past and drawing conclusions


Crochet, beading, embroidery and jewelry


From 4th grade to 10 grade

Hide and Seek

Register for Saturday Classes

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Tutoring isn't just for when you don't understand.

Tutoring is helpful to increase understanding and improve skills. 

Tutoring is available for Grades 4 through 12 for Social Studies, History, English, and Math. 

Extra help for NYS ELA and Math Exams


Tutoring sessions are based on curriculum, student deficits, and parental concerns


Saturday Session started September 16 and meets weekly for 2 hours. One session for reading/writing and one for math. 

Spots are still available. Each Zoom class holds 7 to 10 students. 

Classes and times are assigned on a first come first, served basis. (Grades 5 thru 7)

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