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What Do I Teach?

English, Math and History are available now for one on one tutoring sessions. You can register for summer sessions and craft sessions for this summer.

English & Writing

Reading comprehension and writing 


Analyzing the past and drawing conclusions


Crochet, beading, embroidery and jewelry


From 4th grade to 10 grade

Hide and Seek

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Tutoring isn't just for when you don't understand.

Tutoring is helpful to increase understanding and improve skills. 

Tutoring is available for Grades 4 through 12 for Social Studies, History, English, and Math. 

Extra help for NYS ELA and Math Exams

Summer Sessions

Join remote summer sessions and no one has to miss out on summer fun.

As a parent, you want your child(ren) to have help with what they missed and remember what they were great at. . My summer program helps each student work on their deficits and prep for the new school year without leaving your side or the family having to stay home so that they can go to a summer program. With remote summer sessions, they can join from anywhere in the world.

Private Tutoring subjects

Global History

U.S. History                                                English all grades

Government                                               Assistance to improve writing

U.S. Government & Participation

Math 4 through 8                                       Algebra 1 & 2

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